In this quickly changing city where weirdos are becoming rapidly extinct due to over valued property and the normalization of our culture to box stores and box people, we hope that we have always been and will continue to be a place and idea where all notions of the self and art are accepted, embraced and encouraged!! Thank you for visiting us, supporting our insane notions and participating.  We are all better for it.

We are taking a little time off of the Melrose location during January and early February because Erik and I are currently using the gallery as a studio space for an exhibition we will be bringing to you in May; I am making a landscape painting that will transverse all of the walls of the gallery and Erik is making an island in my landscape that will be a physical manifestation of my paintings, it's a new style of collaboration for us and we are really excited... sometimes you have to put shows and administrating aside to work on your own art, it's why we started this project so many years ago to begin with...

Secret Project Robot

Art Experiment

389 Melrose st

open for events only

through the winter

February 12th

Curated by Kid Millions

People of the North

More TBA

February 17th 9pm

TENNISCOATS (first time in New York / from Japan)

ONEONE (members of Deerhoof)

Bonnie Baxter (Shadowbox / Kill Alters) + Hisham A. Bharoocha (Kill Alters / Boredoms / Soft Circle) special duo set

February 19th

Hurricanes of Love

Yucky Duster

Brown Bread

The spookfish

Cameron Stuart


February 20th

Goddess Party Part IV TBA

link to past event...

David Linton 21st 6pm

the thing is actually a birthday bash but with a full lineup of performers... some AV some noise... some songs played by me and an all star pickup band... etc a quite mixed bag... maybe a food element involved... etc

March 19th

Erica Eso


Music Video

Tiny Mix Tapes Review

Album Stream


Album Stream

New York Times Review


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Website with album

Leverage Models

Pitchfork Review

Album Stream

March 25th


March 26th


ultimate art party