eric copeland, dj dog dick, king conqubine, fluct, robot death cult

and many more artists, musicians and video makers are

pleased to announce the beginning of the first ever Bushwick

Brooklyn World Tour.  The Small World Tour, a six day festival

that will explore the complex and exuberant spaces of a small

neighborhood in the center of the art and music world.

The tour will be an homage to staying local while still

experiencing the diversity of many locations at once.

On schedule is the forefront of the future of "the art space."

Starting July 26th, the tour kicks off at Body Actualized, a place that sustains itself through cosmic yoga and deep trance inducing parties, the tour then continues to Secret Project Robot a gallery on the frontiers of experimental art and music that hosts parties in giant installations and secret gardens, also on the list: Trans Pecos the neighborhood’s latest DIY venture that reunites the avant garde with a jazz and experimental perspective, Shea Stadium- Brooklyn's premier 2nd floor stadium with studio quality recording and the right amount of handmade quality that lets you remember where you are, The Hose which is thee quintessential apartment gallery/venue in Bushwick and finally on the 31st, Silent Barn which as a 12,000 square foot gallery, venue, studio and apartment building, takes the notion of live work and community to the next level...

The tour is a celebration as much as a funny way to point out the insane amount of hard work and spaces coming out of a 20 block radius, a way to play music, make video, dance and art and meet friendly neighbors all at once.  

The tour is from August 26th to the 31st and is for all those who enjoy the joy of  hanging out, of getting a little too tipsy and still walking home, having some food and snacks in various different yards hallways and basement and bringing attention to the center our our Bushwick universe- A cosmic love fest of feel good positive vibes.

The tour schedule is as follows and will feature both a “local,” i.e. a band from the

venue and the core tour group which is eric copeland, dj dog dick, king conqubine, fluct and robot death cult....

july 26 body actualized center

with special guests:

ian drennan

dj TBD

video art by ginny benson

july 27 day time bbq 2 - 6 secret project robot

with special guest:

many mansions

dj miggy

video art by av workshop

july 28 trans pecos

with speical guests:

marley g - mix tape release party featuring: max alper and diamond terrifier

dj jackson

video art by av workshop

july 29 shea stadium

video art by av workshop

july 30 the hose

with special guests:


alaina stamatis

prince rama

video art by av workshop

july 31 silent barn

with special guests:

hallow bush

non horse

dj scooba ooba

video art by arron warren


Thursday August 7th

William Schmeichen Presents:



Endless Boogie

Friday August 8th

Kid Million Presents:

Jim Sauter and Kid Millions Duo

Plastic Crimewave Sound (Chicago)

Ed Askew Band

Tom Carter and Pat Murano

Saturday August 9th

FUNdraiser for cliMates

CliMates is an international student organization that facilitates a network of students and professionals, from all around the world, in actualizing cutting edge climate change research. This August 25th-29th CliMates we will be holding the 2nd CliMates International Summit here in New York City. This summit will serve as a forum for international students and professionals to debate and create actionable projects and research on climate change.

Many of the students invited to attend are coming from developing nations that are the most vulnerable to climate change, but these students may not have the financial means to attend. Our goal is to bring these students together for all their unique perspectives and give them the opportunity from this international event to take the knowledge gained to their home countries and help build a stronger global community

Monday August 11th at Happyfun

Dana Noodle Beach Art opening

Saturday and Sunday September 6th & 7th Bushwig!!!!